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Experience the "Waldviertel"

Discover and experience the Waldviertel

Trips around the health resort


Blockheide Nature Park

about 10 minutes by car

Legendary stone giants and wobbly stones, natural monuments formed by nature such as the "Chirstophorusstein", the "Teufelsbett" or the "goblin" and "cricket" -stones await you when you visit the Blockheide in Grmünd-Eibenstein.


Photo: Waldviertel Tourismus, Kerschbaum


about 20 minutes by car

The "Nebelstein" ist 1.017 m high an thus one of the highest elevations in the Waldviertel. Enjoy the wonderful view from the summit. On nice days you can see as far as the "Ötscher". The OÄV refuge, which is managed from April to November, is located at the foot of the rock. The hut and the summit can be reached from the parking lot in about 15 minutes.

Photo: Waldviertel Tourismus, Robert Herbst


within 30 minutes by car

The golf courses in the Waldviertel with their gently rolling hills, forests and natural ponds provide variety and challenges. Golf and the vastness of the Waldviertel are made for each other and it doesn't take much imagination to see this unique ladscape as the perfect place for golf.



Unterwater realm

about 10 minutes by car

Experience the fascination of the Waldviertel moors and ponds up close. Lower Austira's top excursion destination for the whole family. The 20 meter high viewing platform "Himmelsleiter" near the entrance area of the nature park Hochmoor Schrems - offers special insights into the fascinating peat landscape.


Weitra Old Town & Castle

about 15 minutes by car

Whether you want culture in a special ambience, discover something new, just switch off and recharge your batteries or actively experience the untouched nature - in Weitra you will find the best conditions for this. You can experience the medieval small town in all its facets.


Heidenreichstein Castle

about 25 minutes by car

The origin of the powerful and well-preserved moated castle was laid around the year 1160 with the construction of the keep. Heidenreichstein Castle, which can still be accessed today via two drawbridges, leaves a powerful impression on visitors. In the interior, which can only be visited as part of a guided tour, you can still see the entire facility from various eras.


Photo: Andreas Maringer


about 25 minutes by car

The "Mandelstein" ist 874 m high and offers a wide view of the Czech Republic an the Gratzener land. You can easily reach the summit after a 20-minute climb from the parking lot.

Photo: Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

Stausee Ottenstein

about 20 minutes by car

The upper and the same time largest of the three Kamp reservoirs impresses with its unique scenic beauty. Its fjord-like branches of the lake are reminiscent of the Scandinavian ladscape, which is acutally atypical in this country, and make up the special charm of the area around the Ottenstein reservoir.

Photo: Waldviertel Tourismus, Studio Kerschbaum

Waldviertler Hoftheater

about 5 minutes by car

In Pürbach, embedded between forests and ponds, the "Wald4tler Hoftheater" was created in 1986 from a unique theater experiment. A lovingly restored theater is hidden in an old mayor's courtyard from 1886, 5 km from the Kurhotel Leonarodo.


Rappottenstein Castle

about 30 minutes by car

In the valley of the small Kamp, one of the oldest castles in the northwestern Waldviertel presents itself stylishly and proudly on a granite rock mountain. Rappottenstein Castle tells of the interplay of the forces of "nature and man", of Romanticism, Gothic and Renaissance.


Mohndorf Armschlag

about 40 minutes by car

Around the delicate poppy, you can experience a huge collection of unique items and superlatives in Armschlag: For almost 30 years, the "Poppy Village" has been inspiring with huge willow poppy capsules, a unique "MOHNument", the longest poppy flower painting and the largest poppy mill collection.



about 5 minutes by car

The varied programm of events and the numerous possibilities for excurions realting to the nostalgic set, including diesel or steam locomotives with the accompanying snack wagon, make a trip a special experience.



Marvel - Experience - Immerse yourself

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear warte of the reservoirs, hike past bizarre rock formations, breathe in the unusually fresh air and discover granite blocks shrouded in legend. Stroll past colorful poppy fields, get a taste of times long past, dig for treasures, marvel at wild cats and mighty bears. Welcome to the Waldviertel! There are more than 300 excursion destinations up there - real and pure, without any frills or superimposed staging.




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